Corporate & Business

  • More than 25 years of experience in leadership, management, executive coaching and consulting, including 12 years in national and international leadership roles in international companies. A wealth of experience from different industries and countries.
  • As Human Resources Development Director for EMEA at 3M – a diversified, innovative U.S. corporation – responsible for the training and development of 17,000 employees. Focal points: strengthening the leadership bench by implementing an executive assessment approach, an international senior management development program, and an innovative succession planning process for the top 250 executives. Coaching and consulting of business and country managing directors on organizational development, leadership, and performance management issues.
  • Management of the HR function for three European market centers in 23 countries with 2,500 employees. Track record: significant improvement of the effectiveness of performance management systems and the resulting compensation strategies by downsizing, restructuring, focusing on disciplined goal setting, market positioning, and performance differentiation, contributing to a profitability increase of 30 percent in two years.
  • As Customer Relationship Manager responsible for customer satisfaction improvement. Headed the company's steering committee for various cross-functional projects.
  • As a board-level executive for one of the largest non-profit organizations in Germany, management of 120 rehabilitation centers for psychiatric and handicapped patients.