Management & Leadership Development

My portfolio also includes international qualification measures for executives. I cooperate with a network of partners to tailor the programs individually to the needs of your company. The executives are actively involved with respect to goal-setting, contents and implementation – because it is essential to tie together the development and the business strategy in a way that ensures that the executives learn what the success factors for themselves and for the company are.

Our methodical basis for these trainings is not to "entertain" the participants with lectures and contents, but to promote reflection, practice, active learning, implementation and trial and error. We work with creative learning approaches, reflection in small groups, peer coaching, transfer coaching, theoretic short input ("food for thoughts") and accompanying project work. We place high importance on securing the results by means of a high level of theory-to-practice transfer.

Practical Examples:

  • Conception, design and implementation of a global multi-module leadership program for 2,000 senior leaders of an industrial enterprise. The program focused on: strengthening the individual executive's leadership profile, developing his/her own leadership brand, leading in a rapidly changing international environment, establishment of a joint and comprehensive understanding of leadership, leading in flat hierarchies, strengthening of a feedback culture.
  • Design, implementation and coordination of a multi-module top talent leadership program in a commercial enterprise. The program focused on: preparing an individual career/development plan, identifying and capitalizing on one's own potential and possible derailment factors, broadening of the participants' leadership competence, strategic work. Members of the management board and executives supported the program actively with lectures, fireside chats, panel discussions and the sponsoring of business-relevant projects.