Potential Evaluation & Management Audit

Another area of expertise I specialize in is potential evaluations and assessments of applicants for top executive positions. These include internal candidates who have been designated for the succession into a top position or talents who are to be further promoted within the company as well as external candidates. I carry out potential analyses using reputable personality inventories, instruments for the assessment of cognitive, analytical skills, and conduct elaborate biographic interviews.

If desired, I also obtain references about the candidates. I interpret the results on the basis of the respective position description and the requested competencies and/or support my clients in defining the competencies and criteria.

Practical Example:

  • A European subsidiary of a globally operating Japanese company asked for an assessment / management audit for three candidates – two of them external applicants – for the position of Head of Human Resources. Special competencies required were intercultural sensitivity, a high willingness to cooperate versus dominance, and analytic-strategic thinking. I complemented an elaborate interview with the Hogan Assessments method, including the Cognitive Ability Test and discussed the results of the assessments and the reports with the CEO and the Global HR Director.

    They followed my recommendation and successfully hired the candidate who matched the profile best. At the end of the process, I provided all candidates with detailed personal feedback.