Strategic Human Resources Management

In 1997, Dave Ulrich published his book "Human Resource Champions". Since then, HR organizations have been called upon to act as business partner and to be considered as such within the business. Although HR managers strive to achieve this goal, today, 15 years later, there are still countless conferences on this topic each year. We still hear complaints that HR is not regarded as strategic partner or does not position itself "properly". Whatever the reasons are – I support you with pragmatic concepts to align the HR function and its activities in a way that they back up and support the business strategy and the financial success of the organization.

A variety of practical examples:

  • Sparring partner for the Head of Human Resources; e.g. for the new HR director of a consumer goods company, over a period of 9 months;
  • Consultant for the internationalization of HR processes and instruments; e.g. for a German medium-sized company which had acquired several other firms in Europe, or a German pharmaceutical company which restructured the complete HR organization;
  • Support of HR teams during strategic repositioning; e.g. for the HR organization of a bank;
  • Development of consulting competence for HR managers; e.g. with a qualification measure for the development of competencies in the area of talent assessment and potential evaluation, interview techniques or the conception of a respective qualification program;
  • Conception of HR processes like succession planning, mentoring, talent development and performance management; e.g. the implementation of a performance management process and annual appraisal interviews including the training of all executives for a media enterprise;
  • Employment of balanced scorecard instruments to measure performance.