Executive Coaching

... a results-oriented, systematic process

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My coaching approach is to support executives and their teams to fully understand the demands put on them, strengthen their strengths, uncover their hidden potential, and to work on their needs for change.

  • The beginning of every coaching relationship is marked by a first non-binding meeting in which we find out whether the chemistry is right. Then I support the client in defining his/her coaching objectives – involving superiors or HR where appropriate. Goals are set with respect to the client's needs for change, improvement or further exploration. In this phase mutual trust and respect are established.
  • Once the fundamental goals are set, I flexibly adapt my coaching style to every client and apply a wide range of methods and intervention techniques customized to my individual client's needs. The opinions of colleagues, staff members and/or other interfaces are taken into account, if required: how do they see the coachee's strengths and development needs?
  • During the coaching process, I focus on the essential. I set up a high-quality coaching process based on my international practical leadership experience, my expertise as a clinical psychologist and consultant and my deep and basic understanding of the dynamics and processes within companies.

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