One-on-One Coaching

A 6 to 12 month coaching process supports managers and executives in their professional development, in strengthening their personality and in clarifying specific situations in their job and life. They learn how to step outside their comfort zones, to release potential, to maximize their performance and to mobilize the resources for a successful career and a fulfilling life.

Practical Examples:

  • I coached the managing director of an internationally operating medium-sized enterprise. Validated through a 360° feedback process, the focus of this coaching was inspirational leadership and the challenge of creating sustainable behavioral change in individuals and teams to increase business performance.
  • As part of a team coaching process for a business team of a multinational company, I coached the CFO of this business. The coaching focus was to strengthen her leadership presence and to apply the principles of emotional intelligence to her day-to-day work. To achieve this, we developed a leadership brand (what do I as a leader stand for and how do I want to be seen?) and simulated conflict-solving dialogues. As a further integral part of the coaching process, I accompanied the CFO to several meetings. Through this so-called shadowing I gained an insight into the coachee's behavior in her everyday work and I could provide my feedback to her right afterwards. Behavior alternatives were developed, tested and evaluated.