New Challenge Coaching

One of the most critical career steps is taking on a new responsibility – either due to a promotion within the company or to a change of the employer. The support in this phase (Leadership Transition) facilitates a smooth transition from the old function to the new, as well as a fast adjustment to the new job.

Practical Example:

  • I was engaged as coach and consultant to support the "onboarding" process of the new Head of Sales of an internationally operating logistics company. The first step in the process was to understand what exactly was expected of this position and of the new Head of Sales. Interviews of diverse interfaces rendered a comprehensive picture with respect to the organization's culture, the success factors, the expressed and unexpressed expectations – some of which were quite contradictory – as well as the current challenges.

    This served us as a basis to develop an adjustment strategy as well as the first steps for the positioning and strategic orientation of the European Sales Organization. The Head of Sales used the coaching also for reflecting upon the question whether his profile of strengths and his previous experience matched the requirements and where and how he wanted to acquire new competencies or adjust his behavior to the culture of the new system.

    His goal was to achieve quick successes. Regular meetings on the status of the onboarding process between the CEO and the new Head of Sales, which I moderated, contributed significantly to the success of the overall process.